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Roundup: Saturday Draw Fest Turns Wild

The first five games ended in a draw - then things got serious.

Remember this guy? After missing two games, Nick Rimando was spectacular in his return Saturday.
Remember this guy? After missing two games, Nick Rimando was spectacular in his return Saturday.
Gene Sweeney Jr.

If you like draws, you loved Saturday afternoon. If you don't like draws, you loved Saturday night.

Let's get to the action.

Philadelphia 0, Houston 0

Philadelphia did not put a single shot on goal. Naturally, Houston did not win. Houston, the team with the reputation of making the playoffs year after year because of its consistency, has been awful the last month, losing three in a row before Saturday's scoreless draw.

You want to know the kind of team they have been? They have been the kind of team that has a guy like Kofi Sarkodie go off on a red card for time wasting because apparently he forgot he already had a yellow?! Shocking lack of awareness.

For a 0-0 game, it was kind of entertaining in a sad way. The creativity strikers all over the pitch showed in missing chances was fun. Will Bruin hitting a post, Andrew Wenger just deciding not to shoot or Conor Casey kicking it to his mom in the 30th row.

Colorado 0, San Jose 0

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this game is that the folks at MLS found more than 7 minutes worth of highlights to show. I was looking forward to Atiba Harris embarking on a journey of vengeance and violence against his former team. Instead, he was just the Atiba Harris of 2014, which isn't very exciting.

But it wouldn't be a San Jose game without some sort of egregious penalty and right when it looked like even that would not happen to give the fans some sort of entertainment, Adam Jahn saved the day with four minutes left. As Rapids rookie Jared Watts was making a run down the sideline, Jahn came from way behind, ran right at him and threw his shoulder directly into Watts' head! It resulted in a red card of course. The San Jose Sharks would have been proud.

Other than not much notable other than Alan Gordon missing a header off the crossbar and Dillon Powers showing people he is good at soccer and probably has a future in this league.

Vancouver 2, LA Galaxy 2

This game had less time dedicated to it in the highlight package than Colorado vs San Jose. You're all fired MLS highlight package people! This was a far more entertaining game. Vancouver proved once again if it could only play all its games at home, it would be a serious threat for some hardware. They should petition MLS to let them do that.

The game itself was pretty great to watch. Stefan Ishizaki, quickly becoming one of my favorite players, continued to become one of my favorite players. He headed home a goal on a beautiful headed pass from Baggio Husidic who was falling out of bounds at the goal line when he flicked it back to Ishizaki in the box. Exciting stuff.

Vancouver had a great goal of its own when Kekuta Manneh drilled one to the far low corner from the top of the box. He was setup on a pass from Darren Mattocks who danced around with the ball as he evaded pressure before putting the ball on a platter from Manneh. Mattocks also scored the first goal. I like watching the Vancouver home version. Make it happen Garber Other teams won't mind.

Columbus 1, DC 1

Remember when Columbus rocked United in DC to start the year? I guess Columbus didn't remember.

The Crew could only manage a point out of a home game where 3 points seemed inevitable just a few weeks ago. It was a physical game that reached it's peak when Eddie Johnson was taken down right outside the box by Giancarlo Gonzalez in the second half. It earned a yellow card, but I'll say, even though it was outside the box it was a better scoring opportunity than some I've seen called in the box for a penalty kick.

Despite falling to 10 men with about nine minutes to go, Hector Jimenez put the Crew on the board in the final minute to tie the match. He had multiple chances throughout the game and could have had a brace, but he scored when it mattered most. The Crew's defense certainly looks more vulnerable than the beginning of the year and Dominic Oduro took some criticism after the game but they still appear to be a dangerous side.

Kansas City 4, Montreal 0

Well, this went exactly as expected. It was complete utter dominance. Kansas City had 12 shots, seven on goal, compared to Montreal's three shots with only two on goal. Sporting also enjoyed nearly 62 percent of the possession.

Nothing really stood out because it was all pretty much expected. My favorite goal was probably the final goal because the service from Graham Zusi to Dom Dwyer was about as perfect as it gets.

I think the bigger point here is how bad MontreaLOLOL really is and how sad it is to think about the Fire only being able to take a point from that side.

Dallas 2, Toronto 1

FC Dallas is for real. I know the previous two weeks were not all they wanted, but it certainly wasn't awful either. This week they triumphed 2-1 over a Toronto side that had Bradley, Osorio and Gilberto on the pitch. That is impressive.

They dominated the flow of play, which isn't all that surprising since Toronto lives for the counter attack, but players like Fabian Castillo and Matt Hedges have really come into their own early on. I still think Toronto will be tough for most of the year, but they will need to work on possession. Michael Bradley can only do so much.

Salt Lake 1,  Portland 0

Welcome back Nick Rimando. After missing two games, the diminutive goal keeper easily earned best keeper of the week with his performance that saw him shut down a number of runs, none better than the late-game stop on Alvas Powell that saw him kick the ball away.

This was an entertaining game as one would expect with both sides getting chances. Portland in particular had moments but couldn't breakthrough. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to watch draw after draw and close performances than end in a loss. Oh wait, I'm a Fire fan, I can imagine that.

Fun fact: It was the 10th consecutive game RSL took points from the Timbers in their matchups. That's a pretty impressive stat.

Chivas USA 1, Seattle 2

Chivas USA played their version of hack-a-Shaq (and by that I mean just foul everything that moves) as they had a staggering 26 misdemeanors. The physical play actually worked well for the side as they kept the pace under control and created chances. Erick Torres scored the only Chivas goal when he stepped up for a penalty courtesy of a reckless tackle by Osvaldo Alonso.

Chivas looked as if they had scored again on Mauro Rosales goal but it was waved off because before scoring the ball, Rosales slid into the box and treated Stefan Frei like the ball by kicking him in the stomach.

Sadly for me, Lamar Neagle scored a goal even though he was on my bench in fantasy. He got lucky though because Dan Kennedy was awful and decided he didn't want to catch the ball, thus leaving a wide open net. Obafemi Martins scored instead of assisted in the 81st minute to secure the victory.

The Sounders are looking good, but their defense still could be a problem spot moving forward. And for Chivas, at least they are not a repeat of last year's embarrassment.