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Roundup: Racism, CONCACAF, Rumors and So Much More!

Dani Alves is a boss.

David Ramos
Soccer responds to racism in Spain

One dumb, ignorant Villarreal fan decided that it would be a good idea to throw a banana at Barcelona's Dani Alves. What Alves did set off a movement by soccer players across the world in protest of racism. Alves ate the banana that was thrown at him. Then Neymar decided to post a picture on Instagram eating a banana and soon enough soccer players around the world did the same. The Villarreal fan was identified and is banned for life. Do us a favor Villarreal fan and get out of our game.

Atlanta ponders team name

The Atlanta Business Chronicle asked its' readers for votes on a possible team name for the MLS Atlanta team. 26% voted for the Phoenix, 15% voted for Premier Atlanta and 12% voted for the Atlanta Blaze. For what it is worth, Atlanta has the Hawks and Falcons so the Phoenix would match the city and their fascination with bird names.

Copa America announcement

On Thursday, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL will make a "historic announcement" in Miami with all reports leading to a 2016 Copa America hosted by the U.S. with the U.S. Mexico and four other CONCACAF teams playing against ten CONMEBOL teams. This would be great experience for the USMNT and a cool tournament to host.

Gold Cup outside the U.S.?

CONCACAF president Jeffery Webb said that the Gold Cup might be held outside the U.S. He believes the rest of the region deserves the opportunity to host the tournament. The U.S. has been the usual host because it has the stadiums and brings in the most money for CONCACAF. Mexico, which has hosted the tournament twice ,and Canada would probably be the only two other places where the tournament would be held at.

MLS T.V. revenue

Our SB Nation cousins LAG Confidential looked at the revenue that U.S. sports leagues earn from television rights. It's crazy to see how much the other leaves get and is an interesting read.

Sacramento sells out

Sacremento Republic FC sold out their USL Pro home opener with a sell out of over 20,000. This is an impressive feat for the team and helps boost their credibility in the race for the next MLS expansion spot. Even though they are a small market, they have a chance if they can prove that they have an impressive fan base. They would also need more investors and a stadium plan but this was an impressive showing to say the least.

Mix linked to NYCFC

There will be many players linked to NYCFC but this Mix Diskerud rumor does make some sense. He was linked to Portland last off-season and MLS would be a step up from Norway. He is going to be a free agent soon so this move would make sense. I can definitely seeing it happen.

The Istanbul derby

SB Nation decided to be super cool and send Spencer Hall to Istanbul to cover the Istanbul Derby. Take the time to read it because it's well done and very interesting.