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Roundup: Piermayr, We Barely Knew You

A Fire trialist ends up in Colorado, the Fire announce the Art of Futbol and we're not the only ones who love Harry Shipp!

I want to start this roundup off with a personal apology to Eddie Johnson.

In my preview for the USA vs Mexico game, I had a header that included 'may the odds be ever in your favor (except you Eddie Johnson).' Little did I know at the time I was a soothsayer. You see, Eddie Johnson had a perfectly good goal that would have given our lovely country the lead. Except on this night human error got involved and the referee wrongly called an offside.

The odds certainly were not in his favor, just as I had requested, but I swear it was supposed to be in jest. I feel somewhat responsible EJ and for that I am sorry. I love laughing at you during MLS Saturdays, but when it comes to the national team, you're allowed to score some goals.

I hope we can be friends in the future, possibly grab a drink sometime and let this all be water under the bridge. Drinks are on you though, with your huge contract and all that you're totally earning by scoring a total of no goals with your new team (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

Anyways, on to to Thursday's news!

Chicago Fire announce the annual Art of Futbol fundraiser

The Chicago Fire announced Thursday the fourth annual Art of Futbol fundraiser for the Chicago Fire Foundation will go down on May 14 at Prairie Production Studio in Chicago. I've never been to this event before but I have heard good things about it and it is obviously for a good cause.

The event features work from local artists depicting the game of soccer in all its glory. Art of all kind from drawings to new-age media is included. Those interested in participating can still submit up to three JPEG files of their artwork to Get it in by April 25.

Thomas Piermayr joins the Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapid(ly injured)s are losing defenders left and right and called on a 2014 Chicago Fire trialist to save the day. Chris Klute and Marc Burch have both been bit by the injury bug and only an Austrian can save them now. You may remember Thomas Piermayr from this preseason with the Fire. There was some buzz around him but he ultimately failed to make the roster.

One does not simply take a roster spot from Hunter Jumper. I wish him the best in Colorado.

You love Harry Shipp. I love Harry Shipp. The entire staff of loves Harry Shipp.

Harry Shipp has taken an early lead as the favorite to win MLS Rookie of the Year, according to This makes sense because he is Harry Shipp and all the other rookies are not. The site has Thomas McNamara listed as No. 2, stating Shipp barely edges him out. So it's a two-man race, and by two-man race I mean a one-man race. We're talking about Harry Shipp, the guy who has delivered assists on set pieces two weeks in a row.

So good job Harry. If you hold on to win the award, I'm sure it will be exciting to watch you as a member of the Philadelphia Union two years from now. We have a reputation to uphold.

Toronto FC does their version of a Super Bowl Shuffle, decides to expand stadium without having ever made the playoffs.

So I am going to assume the fine representatives on the Toronto City Council watched the USA vs Mexico game on Wednesday and saw Michael Bradley play. When informed Bradley now plays for their city's professional club, they all lost their collective mind, assumed they had a dynasty in the making and threw $10 million at a stadium expansion.

It looks like BMO Field will soon have a capacity of 30,000 seats. Seems like a great reward for the only team to have never made the MLS Playoffs. But seriously, it is always good to see MLS facilities improve. And they do have Michael Bradley.

Seeing Red. Just kidding!

The MLS announced Thursday that red cards given to the Timbers' Michael Harrington and the Rapids' Je-Vaughn Watson have been rescinded. The two got in a bit of a scuffle when the two teams met last week, but popular opinion is the red card was stupid.

So they both get to play in their respective games this week. Congratulations to you if this somehow makes you have feelings. It seemed like news. Maybe you have them on your fantasy team or something. Sorry.