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Roundup: New MLS TV Deal, Orlando City's New Look, AO To Sing and More

MLS gets an 8-year TV deal, Klinsmann talks EJ, Orlando City gets new look, Outlaws to sing and Timbers want a forward

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

MLS signs TV deal with ESPN, Fox & Univision

In a major move for MLS and soccer in America, MLS has signed an eight-year television deal with ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision. The deal is for an average of $75 million a year which is a great step forward for this league. With the collective bargaining agreement coming up, the Player's Union will definitely use this deal in an attempt to raise the cap and salaries. With the new deal, ESPN and Fox Sports will give MLS specific time slots on Sunday nights and Univision will have MLS on Friday nights. This should hopefully boost rating. ESPN will also take control of MLS' out-of-market packages, MLS Live and Direct Kick will be run by ESPN which is something to keep an eye on. Fox Sports and ESPN will also alternate hosting USMNT games and some USWNT games.

Klinsmann discusses Eddie Johnson

In what was probably the biggest surprise of the World Cup roster reveal, Eddie Johnson was not selected. He has struggled since his move to DC United but has been a fairly constant call-up for Jurgen. After the roster was revealed, Jurgen discussed his decision to leave Johnson off the roster.

Orlando City gets new logo

As Orlando City continues to prepare to join MLS, they decided to unveil a new logo. The new logo was designed by a fan and was a cool move by the organization. The design is meant to incorporate the old logo with a new, sleek design while paying homage to Florida. I think it was a good move and like what Orlando City have been doing.

American Outlaws to sing national anthem

While the USMNT plays their Send-Off Series, there was be quite a few national anthem singers. U.S. Soccer has announced that the American Outlaws will be in charge of leading the singing of the national anthem. I think this is a great idea and a smart way to incorporate the fans. I can't wait to hear the Outlaws and judge them like Adam Levine on The Voice (I'll hit the button and choose them or whatever people do on that show).

Portland talking DP forwards

Portland Timbers GM Gavin Wilkinson has said that the Timbers will be looking to add a DP forward during the summer. Wilkinson admitted to scouting in Spain, Denmark and Norway but I would expect that his scouting scope is much larger than that. The status of Frederic Piquionne is unclear and if he were to leave, the Timbers would definitely need a forward.

Thoughts on the TV Deal? Agree with Jurgen about Johnson? Excited to hear the Outlaws sing?