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Vote Sean Johnson For Save Of The Week!

Vote early, vote often, Chicago

Let's be up front about this: Save of the Week (and Goal of the Week) are about stuffing the ballot box. This competition isn't about whether your guy's save or goal or whatever is the aesthetically superior choice - it's about whether we, Chicago Fire supporters, can get enough social-media hoohah going to push Sean Johnson to the win.

It's not about whether Sean's freaking miraculous save is awesome - that's a given. It's not even about whether it's more awesome than, say, Jon Busch's might've-just-been-a-goal job against Dallas - it is. And it's not even about competing on the level of importance - stopping the player with the best pedigree in the league, on a breakaway, at a great shooting angle, thereby preserving the first win of the season and putting a halt to what was potentially a spirit-breaking defensive collapse? Yeah, that's good. So it's not about any of those things.

It's about voting early, and voting often, so that our guy wins. Anyone familiar with that idea in Chicago? So share this story; retweet this story; and vote, vote, vote. Let's do this.

Goal of the Week

There is also a Goal of the Week competition which, by virtue of its failure to nominate Patrick Nyarko's goal, is clearly beneath our consideration.