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Roundup: Copa America In USA, Klinsmann's Huge Roster, St. Louis

Copa America is coming to America, our favorite German is taking a 30-pack to California and St. Louis will be contractually obligated to be friends with the Fire eventually

Luis Suarez asks America 'What you gonna do when I run wild over you' at the 2016 Copa America on U.S. soil.
Luis Suarez asks America 'What you gonna do when I run wild over you' at the 2016 Copa America on U.S. soil.
Buda Mendes

Copa America is coming to the United States of America!

Officials from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL have been working on bringing the near century-old tournament to the states for some time now and the dream will become a reality in 2016.

It is incredibly exciting to think of teams such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina playing competitive, meaningful games in a stadium such as, oh I don't know ... Soldier Field! Whether the games are competitive or meaningful and whether Chicago will host a game remain unclear.

Because the tournament is happening in 2016, it is not on the FIFA schedule like the traditional Copa America tournaments are for 2015 and 2019. Technically it's a special edition of the tournament to observe the 100th anniversary. If FIFA does not approve the tournament and create the break in competition for domestic leagues, the top players for each country may not be released from their clubs.

But today is a day of celebration and not worry. Let's just assume for now all the governing soccer bodies handle this flawlessly as they always do and it works out for the best with a game in Chicago to boot.

It's gettin hott in hurr

The long-awaited announcement of St. Louis entering the USL fray became official Thursday and it looks like the Fire have found their league-mandated affiliate.

The partnership was not made official but many expect it to be only a matter of time. St. Louis works well for the Fire as there are plenty of Chicago transplants in the area and it is not the worst drive in the world for Fire fans who live in the central and southern part of the state.

It also would give the club quick access to players for call ups when need be and would be easy for first-team staff and coaches to swing in every now and then to do some scouting.

At this point, I really hope the team is called the Saint Lunatics and whatever they choose as a mascot wears a white band-aid beneath its eye at all times.

30 for 30: Klinsmann wants them all

After previously stating he would likely not bring the maximum allowed 30 players to the pre-World Cup camp on May 14, Jurgen Klinsmann changed his mind and said everyone is going to California with him.

I can't say I blame him. There have been numerous injuries to various players competing for spots and sometimes it can be tough to judge guys when they are in different leagues playing different roles. For example, a borderline player like Eddie Johnson hasn't lit the world on fire in the MLS this season, but throw him on the practice pitch with some world-class players and maybe Klinsmann sees the kind of chemistry and spark that he is looking for.

One fringe player who should be brimming with confidence heading to camps is John Brooks who won Bundesliga Player of the Week. Bundesliga is a pretty good league.

When all is said and done though, only 23 will be headed to Brazil.

Colorado Rapids (finally) ink deal with a jersey sponsor

For the first time in franchise history the Colorado Rapids will display the name of a chief sponsor on their jerseys. Ciao Telecom will give the club $2 million a year through 2018 for the rights to be spewed across Dillon Powers' chest.

It really is fantastic news. Every club should have a kit sponsor and this is just another indication of how much the league is growing across the country. Sadly, not every team can have the power and energy the oats of Quaker provides, but it's a start.

Europa League: Portugal remains our only hope

The Europa League final is set and only one team not from Spain remains. Benfica. La Liga is starting to get a little greedy with Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla all starring in the finals of Europe's grandest tournaments. Benfica, you're the hero we deserve.

The Italians had the chance to play role of heros but could not capitalize on a late man-advantage when Enzo Perez went off at the 67-minute mark. Juventus put some pressure on with the advantage but could not break through and the contest ended in a 0-0 draw with the 2-1 aggregate favoring Benfica.

It's a shame for the Serie A kings who would have played the final in their home stadium.

In the other fixture, it was an all-La Liga affair as Valencia put on a show for its home crowd with three goals but was stunned in the 94th minute when Sevilla converted a campaign saving goal. Despite the 3-1 defeat, Sevilla got the away goal it needed to advance on the 3-3 aggregate.

Stephane Mbia, who netted the header in the dying minutes, will be the object of many nightmares for Valencia fans in the foreseeable future. You can only go to that comeback well so often Valencia.

Fact: Chivas is the worst

I would just like to end this roundup by saying Chivas continues to be the worst. You can just go Google the latest embarrassing chapter.