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Roundup: Beckham's Stadium, USMNT, Gus Johnson, & More

Beckham picks new stadium location, a bunch of USMNT notes, Johnson/Wynalda are here to stay and a look into DC United's owner

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Beckham moves stadium plans

Initially, David Beckham had grand plans for a stadium right on the water. After a lot of criticism for the community and other business owners, Beckham looks to be moving his stadium right by AmericanAirlines Arena where the Miami Heat play. Something tells me that this isn't completely over.

Timmy Chandler talks CONCACAF qualifying

CONCACAF World Cup qualifying is a very unique tournament. It may not be stacked like UEFA but the hostile atmospheres make it extremely difficult. Timmy Chandler talked about his first experience in CONCACAF qualifying and the unbearable heat. I know it is unrealistic, but I would love to see an England, France or some dominate country try to qualify through our region.

Landon discusses roster

As Landon Donovan prepares for his final World Cup, he is realistic about his standing in the team. This team clearly belongs to Dempsey, Bradley and Howard now. Donovan will stay play a major role in the team but he won't be the focal point. While at the USMNT camp, Donovan admits that he knows he has to really work to earn his spot on the plane to Brazil.

Portugal names squad

Portugal has named it's 23 man roster for Brazil. The only major surprise is that Ricardo Quaresma was left off of the roster. In the end, only one name really matters and that is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is all Portugal needs.

Johnson, Wynalda to call Champions League final

Gus Johnson and Eric Wyanlda have been heavily criticized during their time calling games for Fox Soccer. It looks like they will remain a team for the foreseeable future including the upcoming Champions League final in Lisbon. I'm sure plenty of people won't be happy about this.

Thohir and DC United

Our SB Nation brothers, Black and Red United, took an in-depth look at owner Erick Thohir's wealth. It has been said that he is a multi-billionaire but during their investigation, Black and Red United find out that he might not be as wealthy as you think. Even though he used to own the 76er's and owns Inter Milan, his financial history is a mystery. This is great piece and is well worth your time.