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GAMETHREAD: Crew vs. FIRE, MLS #11; 6:30 p.m., My50 Chicago

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Injruy-hit Fire looking to stretch their win streak to three against a Columbus side with a reconfigured backline

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Every team's depth gets tested at some point in the season - and, despite a so-so record in the early going, the Fire have been remarkably healthy to this point. That, apparently, ends today, as the Men in Red will start against Columbus without Mike Magee, Gonzalo Segares, Patrick Nyarko or Lovel Palmer.

As concerning as all the changes might be, a glance at the Chicago bench reveals just how much young depth the team has piled up, which is fortunate:

Meanwhile, the Crew - still so f--king yellow! - will start with a completely re-jiggered back line that doesn't include standout centerback Michael Parkhurst:

... which means their bench is absolutely loaded, as it includes usual starters Parkhurst, Dominic Oduro, and Bernardo Anor, as well as former #cf97 stalwart Danny Paladini.

It's almost time for kickoff! As usual, complain or exult here in comments; we provide the electrons, you provide the viscera. DALÉ FIRE!