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Roundup: US Women Continue To Frustrate Canada

'America's Hat' starts three teenagers in defense, controls game until Leroux goal ties it late; Germany announces preliminary World Cup roster; Blatter will never go away

Sydney Leroux (2) celebrates her tying goal in last night's match as Carli Lloyd and Ali Krieger thank her for choosing the USA over, y'know, Canada.
Sydney Leroux (2) celebrates her tying goal in last night's match as Carli Lloyd and Ali Krieger thank her for choosing the USA over, y'know, Canada.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

If the USA women's national team and Canada's were sisters, USA would be the eldest - pretty, popular, and well-schooled, with tiaras and medals lining the shelves of her room - while Canada would be the younger one - almost as pretty (everyone agrees), but not nearly as popular. Their love for each other would get complicated, especially as big sister cannot handle letting kid sis have even one moment in the spotlight that isn't at least shared between them.

Kid sister tried against last night in Winnipeg, God bless her heart. Canada started two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old in defense, and had much the better of play throughout the evening. One of those 18-year-olds, central defender Kadeisha Buchanan, took a break from successfully corralling Abby Wamback to head home the game's first goal in the 35th minute.

The tension grew palpable as the game entered its waning minutes - the USA had not lost to its neighbors from the north in 29 games. Some of those were barnburners; when sisters fight, look out.

But big sister had an answer, as ever, as always. In answer to the unasked question, "What good is it to be popular, anyway?" the US could answer: Sydney Leroux. The formerly-Canadian striker settled a mis-hit clearance in the 78th to tie the game at 1, where it would stay, much to the chagrin of the 26-plus thousand in attendance.

Germany releases 30-man roster, and wow

If you'd like to sink into a funk over the USA's chances to get out of their group at the World Cup, take a gander at the 30-man roster Germany just named for the upcoming tournament. Now that you're hyperventilating, realize that they're still going to have to trim that a bit further - not helping? Uhhh ... Mario Gomez got left off?

Yeah. Read that list out loud to anyone who asks why Jurgen Klinsmann keeps chipping talent off the edges of the German team to play for USA - there is so much talent in Germany right now, they can't fit it all in a squad.

Of interest otherwise is the fact that der Mannschaft seems set to bring only two strikers, one of them being the timeless (but, really, 35 year old) Miroslave Klose - meaning  lots of false-nine action from the Germans.

Robot Sepp Blatter cancels mortality, announces plans for a 5,000-year reich term

Sepp Blatter took a break from bathing in the blood of sacrificed virgins (of either gender, because he's hip to the times) to croak out his intention to run FIFA until the authorities pry it from his immortal fingers. Exciting!

Expect the World Cup to continue its tour of the world's great human rights abusers (which is great news for USA 2026, amirite?) A chalice of orphan tears for everyone!