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GAMETHREAD: In The Thin Mountain Air; COL v CHI, MLS #13

Rapids host Fire while riding seven-goals-in-two-games hot streak; Men in Red traditionally struggle in Colorado


You know what's diffcult? Playing soccer a mile above sea level. You know what it's not? Magical.

You'd think, from the burning in your lungs, that there would be some compensatory lightening of gravity - I mean, if it feels like I need a space helmet, why can't I just push off and float for a while? Why are my legs turning to leaden tubes filled with overcooked oatmeal? That other team certainly seems energetic. They don't have oatmeal muscles.

The Fire, in their visits to Commerce City and points nearby, have generally only come out of these types of reveries after the damage has been done. So the goal generally - against the suddenly white-hot Rapids - is to find a comfortable shape that offers some degree of defensive solidity. As mentioned in our Q&A with Burgundy Wave, Colorado is in a similar bind, having played late Sunday evening; we could see a dramatically changed XI for both teams.

As usual, check in here for exultation or despair nearly in real time. Let's surprise everyone and win this thing!