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GAMETHREAD: Revs v FIRE, 6:30 p.m., My50 Chicago, MLS Live

Road-weary Chicago visits a New England side which has lost four straight in MLS play

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I have to confess: I have no idea what's going to happen tonight. None. Any possible outcome can be met with a shrug.

New England blowout? Well, they do have a history of dropping a handful of goals on fatigued teams coming off midweek matches. Shrug.

Chicago romp? The Fire are nothing short of due for some fortune, and our attack is always dangerous; why not? Shrug.

A close match decided by a turn of fate? A bore draw? A dramatic, high-scoring draw? A time-rift bestowing a bekitted Taylor Twellman to the Revs just before kickoff, his glee at playing against Soumare & Hurtado blunted by a Fire lineup that includes "Armas, Chris (c)". Shrug, despite Armas' mocking smile at Twellman. Anything can happen tonight.

Yallop's lineup shows a keen sense of the kind of fatigue issues the team is facing. Alex gets the expected start in midfield, but on the left, not in the middle next to Jeff Larentowicz. Matt Watson replaces the entirely ineffective Logan Pause alongside Big Red in the double pivot. It will be interesting to see how Mike Magee moves out of possession - is he asked to come back and cover the defensive midfielder, or pressing the centerbacks, or is he covering the left flank while Alex pinches inside?

The subs bench includes essentially every other healthy first-teamer. Marco Franco, whither art thou?

It's almost game time! As always, moan or exult in the comments below. Let's do this, Fire!