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Grilling With The Fire: Grant Ward

Next up in our series is the on-loan midfielder from Tottenham Hotspur, who may just be begging for a challenge for you avid FIFA gamers out there

Here's today's subject, one Mr. Grant Ward, playing in the venue he says is his least favorite so far.
Here's today's subject, one Mr. Grant Ward, playing in the venue he says is his least favorite so far.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago neighborhood?

Grant Ward- I'm still exploring the city but I've liked everywhere I've been, especially by the lake.

HT - Favorite Chicago cultural institution?

GW- I haven't been to any yet but my mom is coming over soon and I know she likes to do things like that, so I'll probably wait until she gets here.

HT - Favorite Chicago restaurant?

GW- I've been to a few that were good but I'm still exploring.

HT - Favorite Chicago sports team besides the Fire?

GW- I like the Bulls.

HT - Favorite vacation spot?

GW- I liked Albufeira, Portugal.

HT - Top 3 bands on your IPod?

GW- PartyNextDoor, The Weeknd, Rick Ross.

HT - Favorite movie?

GW- "Shawshank Redemption" is my favorite but "Hotel Rwanda" was moving.

HT - Favorite word?

GW- Dead-tech. Definition: bad technique.

HT - Least favorite word?

GW- Can't.

HT - Favorite food to cook?

GW- Chicken.

HT - If you had to have dinner with 3 people past or present who would it be?

GW- Kat Williams, Malcolm X, and my family.

HT - Favorite sport besides soccer?

GW- I like athletics, track and field events.

HT - If you play FIFA, favorite team to play with?

GW- To be honest, it doesn't matter because I win with every team, but if I have to choose one, I'd say Real Madrid.

HT - If you weren't playing for the Fire, is there another team that you would love to play for?

GW- Tottenham Hotspur.

HT - In your soccer career, what has been the best on field moment for you?

GW- When I made my Fire debut against the Columbus Crew.

HT - Most embarrassing moment on the field?

GW- FA Youth Cup, I got ‘megged and they ran through and scored.

HT - Biggest joker on the team?

GW- Quincy Amarikwa

HT - Who is you roommate for away games?

GW- It always switches, I think cause I'm a newbie. My last roommate was Lovel Palmer.

HT - Teammate with the best fashion sense?

GW- I'm going to go with the Englishman, Matt Watson.

HT - Teammate with the worst fashion sense?

GW- Chris Ritter

HT - Teammate with the worst taste in music?

GW- I'm just guessing but probably Jhon Hurtado.

HT - Hardest working teammate?

GW- Logan Pause

HT - Best city to play in other than Chicago?

GW- London.

HT - Worst city to play in?

GW- Colorado.

HT - What do you do to unwind after training or after a game?

GW- I listen to music or just chill out, watch a film or something.

HT - Favorite former Fire player?

GW- CJ Brown.

HT - What goes on your hotdog?

GW- Just ketchup.