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MLS Transfers: CF97 Loan Anangonó Back Home

Disappointing DP sent packing to familiar trade partner LDU Quito

Farewell, Juan Luis - you're hardly the worst we've seen.
Farewell, Juan Luis - you're hardly the worst we've seen.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter lit up today with the news that Juan Luis Anangonó, the promising but ultimately disappointing transfer-fee Designated Player, was being loaned out to Ecuadorian side LDU Quito, according to El Diario (link in Spanish).

Anangonó, 25, was acquired for a reported "seven-figure" transfer fee last summer, but never convinced as a target man, struggling with his touch. Intermittently effective - he did manage four goals in 24 appearances - his game seemed more predicated upon effort than any appreciable skill, which rankled somewhat more in the person of a South American DP than it might've in, say, someone picked up in the waiver draft.

This move, in the context of Gentile's abrupt release, do suggest there may be another shoe to drop here. We've heard again and again that they're up against the salary cap in a serious way; the release of $200,000 or so of that commitment should surely mean some kind of further acquisition. Right? Right?