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Grilling with the Fire: Greg Cochrane

The Fire's young left back takes his shot at our questions and shows he is humble but also loves to use hashtags. #hashtag

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hot Time - Favorite Chicago neighborhood?

Greg Cochrane- Lincoln Park.

HT - Favorite Chicago cultural institution?

GC - Navy Pier.

HT - Favorite Chicago restaurant?

GC - Not sure, Suggestions?

HT - Favorite Chicago sports team besides the Fire?

GC- No answer.

HT - Favorite vacation spot?

GC- St. Pete Beach in Florida.

HT - Top 3 bands on your IPod?

GC-Kid Cudi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zac Brown Band.

HT - Favorite movie?

GC- Law Abiding Citizen and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

HT - Favorite word?

GC- Dabble.

HT - Least favorite word?

GC- Anything that I cannot pronounce.

HT - Favorite food to cook?

GC- BBQ chicken.

HT - If you had to have dinner with 3 people past or present who would it be?

GC- Derek Zoolander, Anna Kendrick, George Best.

HT - Favorite sport besides soccer?


HT - If you play FIFA, favorite team to play with?

GC- I'm not a gamer.

HT - If you weren't playing for the Fire, is there another team that you would love to play for?

GC- Aston Villa FC.

HT - In your soccer career, what has been the best on field moment for you?

GC- No answer.

HT - Most embarrassing moment on the field?

GC- Going to chip the ball but kicking the ground and face planting.

HT - Biggest joker on the team?

GC- Quincy Time.

HT - Who is you roommate for away games?

GC- #HolyShipp.

HT - Teammate with the best fashion sense?

GC- Baky. #alldesignereverything

HT - Teammate with the worst fashion sense?

GC - Probably me.

HT - Teammate with the worst taste in music?

GC- Benji..

HT - Hardest working teammate?

GC- Big Red.

HT - Best city to play in other than Chicago?

GC- Seattle and Portland.

HT - Worst city to play in?

GC- No answer.

HT - What do you do to unwind after training or after a game?

GC-Training: Kick my feet up. Game: Have a cold one.

HT - Favorite former Fire player?

GC- CJ Brown. #brownnosing #nopuninteded

HT - What goes on your hot dog?

GC- Am I supposed to say Chicago Style?.