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Section 8 ISA Chairman Jeff Marinacci Resigns

Current Vice-Chair Patrick Stanton will take over as Chair of Independent Supporters Association in the interim

New chairman Patrick Stanton will presumably be visible atop his capo stand Sunday evening.
New chairman Patrick Stanton will presumably be visible atop his capo stand Sunday evening.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

On August 5th 2014, via the section 8 website, the Independent Supporters (ISA) announced that Chairman Jeff Marinacciis stepping down from his position as leader of the association. In the same announcement, it was released that current Vice-Chair Patrick Stanton would assume the responsibilities of Chairman in the interim. The resignation comes following a backlash in the community after a July 26th occurrence during the Fire vs. Tottenham friendly where Marinacci reportedly notified security that a long-time member of the Section 8 community, and active supporter, was on the concourse without the proper credentials.

Marinacci is known for his outreach work with new fans to the section and encouraging new people to get involved with supporters activities. Prior to his time as Chair, Marinacci served the ISA community as Vice-Chair in 2012 and 2013. In addition to bringing new fans into the section, his successes during his tenure and time serving the board include: Helping to improve the overall organization of the board and its structure, overseeing work with junior supporters in the Fire fest outside the stadium (building banners and learning songs), leadership and communication with the Fire in improving the Pub-to-Pitch game day transport and improving connections with fans that do not sit in the section.

The January 2014 election which elevated Marinacci to the Chairman's seat was heavily criticized by some long-time Section 8 stalwarts - he did not receive a plurality the popular vote at the ISA's Annual Meeting, marking the first time that absentee ballots had swayed the election against the traditional hand-count. Since the then-Vice Chair's responsibilities included managing the absentee ballots, the election results were in contention by many members of the community and an independent committee was formed to investigate the results (although that committee never has not yet released any findings). Marinacci's leadership was often challenged on Twitter and on the Section 8 forums by some of the most senior and active members of the Section 8 community, although he had continued support with many newer fans.

Current Vice-Chair Patrick Stanton will step up and take the reins for the section in the interim. Patrick is best known for his visible presence at matches on the Capo stand in front of the section and his hard work and efforts on board initiatives throughout the 2014 season. Patrick has previously served the board in 2006 as Director of Finance and currently retains the confidence of the section and community at large.

Hot Time in Old Town interviewed both Marinacci and Stanton in April 2014. Currently there is no word on whether a special election will be called or whether Stanton will serve the remainder of the term as acting Chair of the section.