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Grilling with the Fire: Chris Ritter

Ritter's favorite word, 'ebullience,' is a synonym for exuberance, just so's you know

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Hot Time: Favorite Chicago neighborhood?

Chirs Ritter: Lincoln Park.

HT: Favorite Chicago cultural institution?

CR: Art Institute of Chicago.

HT: Favorite Chicago restaurant?

CR: Hopleaf.

HT: Favorite Chicago sports team besides the Fire?

CR: Northwestern Wildcats.

HT: Favorite vacation spot?

CR: Frankfort, Michigan.

HT: Top 3 bands on your IPod?

CR- Jungle, Lake Street Dive, Alabama Shakes.

HT: Favorite movie?

CR- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

HT: Favorite word?

CR: Ebullience.

HT: Least favorite word?

CR: No answer.

HT: Favorite food to cook?

CR: Jambalaya.

HT: If you had to have dinner with 3 people past or present who would it be?

CR: Bill Murray, Keith Richards, Quentin Tarantino- Impossible to predict what happens.

HT: Favorite sport besides soccer?

CR: Skiing.

HT: If you play FIFA, favorite team to play with?

CR: Chicago Fire.

HT: If you weren't playing for the Fire, is there another team that you would love to play for?

CR: I'm happy with the Fire.

HT: In your soccer career, what has been the best on field moment for you?

CR: Getting my first start against LA.

HT: Most embarrassing moment on the field?

CR: One time when I was 15 we were scrimmaging a girls team and my voice cracked and all the girls laughed at me.

HT: Biggest joker on the team?

CR: Gonzalo Segares.

HT: Who is you roommate for away games?

CR: I get passed around.

HT: Teammate with the best fashion sense?

CR: Jeff "Plain White Tee" Larentowicz.

HT: Teammate with the worst fashion sense?

CR: Grant "All Black Everything" Ward.

HT: Teammate with the worst taste in music?

CR: Greg "Top 40" Cochrane.

HT: Hardest working teammate?

CR: Logan Pause.

HT: Best city to play in other than Chicago?

CR: Seattle.

HT: Worst city to play in?

CR: Columbus.

HT: What do you do to unwind after training or after a game?

CR: I enjoy golfing.

HT: Favorite former Fire player?

CR: Chris Armas.

HT: What goes on your hot dog?

CR: Nothing - I'm afraid of condiments.