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Gamethread, lineups, how to watch: Fire v Portland, 9:30 p.m

If you can't make the Section 8 watch party tonight, point your browser to or - or just click our link here - to watch as the Men in Red meet their first MLS opponent of the preseason

Quincy Amarikwa gets the start tonight! Get some, Quincy.
Quincy Amarikwa gets the start tonight! Get some, Quincy.

Let's keep it whimsical, eh?

There's just so little time for whimsy in a regular season. The games appear on the calendar like they're on a conveyor belt, more and more, each one more pressure-packed, each one a final exam for someone. So let's appreciate that tonight is something different - the team we love, the Chicago Fire, are playing a team lots of people in Portland love, the Timbers. And there's nothing really on the line, so - why not watch with love? Why not appreciate the difference?

B-team challenge!

Each team has chosen to swap many players from their Sunday lineups - we predicted anarchy, but maybe not this much anarchy. The Fire stick with Kennedy Igboananike and Adailton, but rotate the rest of the team. Oddities include Greg Cochrane as a defensive winger - interesting! - playing in front of draftee Patrick Doody on the left side. The midfield is ... also interesting. It's a 4-4-2, with Alex on the right, Cochrane on the left, and Kennedy Bryce overlapping the ever-inward-looking Alex.

The Timbers also go with a straight-up second XI for tonight's game. Only Gaston Fernandez returns from the presumptive starting group, which lost 1-0 to Vancouver Sunday evening.

Whether you're at the Section 8 watch party, or at home on your laptop, or surreptitiously streaming the game on your phone while at a professional conference, hit the comments with whatever you're seeing. Everybody sees something!