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San Jose v FIRE, MLS #3: Lineups, how-to-watch, gamethread

Fox Sports 1 has the broadcast and internet feed as Men in Red hope for growth in final game of Week 3 at 6 p.m.

Back to the back line, Big Red.
Back to the back line, Big Red.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

We are gathered here today in the fervent hope that the Chicago Fire, our Chicago Fire, can go all punk-rock on the corporate self-congratulations doubtless on hand at today's opening of Avaya Stadium in San Jose. We want graffiti four feet high, proclaiming in slashing, dripping letters: "BAD GUESTS." For those celebrants at this standing ovation, want some moments of shocked silence, followed by many more moments shrieking in disbelief and outrage. We want to ruin this party, and then we want to cheer as the camera finds our friends going bonkers in the corner.

The game is to be broadcast on Fox Sports 1, and is available online through Fox Soccer 2Go service. Here's our preview, and Fire Confidential's, and Center Line Soccer's, and's, and six grafs from the Trib.


The Fire start with the same shape as last week and the same starting XI - but with Michael Stephens and Harry Shipp flipped if the graphic is to be believed, with Stephens in the middle and Shipp on the right.

San Jose also opts for a carbon copy of last week's lineup, albeit with two new centerbacks due to suspension and injury.

It's our fervent hope that we can interact here - in the comments - during and immediately after the game; how is it feeling? What do we see?