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Shipp named to MLS Team of the Week

MLS intelligentsia left crowing about Fire homegrown's match-winning display

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

So our very own Harry Shipp was named to the MLS Week 4 Team of the Week. You knew it was coming. And you know what Harry Shipp would say about this - you know!

"I'm just glad we got the three points," he'd say. Or something like that. "It's all for the team." "I just try to do my job."

Of course, he's said none of those things to me. I've never spoken to the lad. But ... still. You know what he's going to say.

And who can blame him? It's all true. He really is just glad we got the three points. It really is all for the team. He really does just try to do his job - it's just that his job description is 'epochal American attacking genius,' so he's got a bit weightier brief than you and I. And everyone's starting to see it, the beautiful mind behind all those clever soft touches. In the Team of the Week story, Baer calls him 'appointment viewing.' And it's hard to argue when he does things like this:

Polster named Rookie of the Week

MLS-centric site has named Fire destroyer Matt Polster Rookie of the Week for his thumping but tasteful performance in Chicago's shutout of the Phunions.

Kofi Opare - NPSL to MLS Team of the Week

Also named to the team of the week was former Detroit City FC centerback Kofi Opare, who came on for an injured Steve Birnbaum in the third minute of DC United's game against Los Angeles Saturday. Opare helped United to a shutout over the defending champs after coming on unexpectedly.

Fire surprise no one by loaning Kann to St Louis

The Fire also announced today that third-string keeper Alec Kann will be loaned to USL affiliate Saint Louis FC. The Men in Red retain the ability to recall him at any time.