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Adiós, Víctor: Fire sever ties with Spanish midfielder Víctor Pérez

Emergence of Matt Polster, price tag made former Real Valladolid man surplus to requirements

Visual evidence of Victor Perez' two minutes in Fire red!
Visual evidence of Victor Perez' two minutes in Fire red!
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This just in from the Department of Overwhelmingly Likely Developments:

Pérez arrived at an odd time, just after the beginning of the MLS season, and was available only because of a paperwork error by his previous club, Levante. He was expected to challenge for time in a Chicago Fire midfield that lacked a personality, but a funny thing happened on the way to that outcome - as Pérez worked his way into shape and sharpness, the Fire midfield developed a personality largely around the muscular, quick-witted performances of his direct competitor, rookie Matt Polster.

Polster's emergence as a stable base for an increasingly fluid and possession-oriented midfield suddenly made Pérez, whatever his pedigree, an expensive extravagance. The suspicion here is that the Spaniard was kept off the field more by the size of his contract elevators at the six-month and year mark, which is just good roster management. If the younger, cheaper guy is better, and you don't have to pay the older guy to sit and watch, why would you?

Or, as I said five weeks ago:

Victor Perez is a dude we've seen precious little of - is he a long-term cast member, or a plot point? If he's a pure d-midfielder, a guy who tackles and then finds the closest guy, he's about to get run over by the Polster Fate Roadgrader, unfortunately. His Spanish pedigree promises a certain approach; he'll check the back shoulder, receive with the proper foot, and move instinctively that little bit to make the angle better; but at what price? The escalator clauses built into Perez' loan deal could make him an expensive luxury, especially if the Fire's forwards continue to be second-act extras.

It's nice to be right sometimes. Sorry about the Polster Fate Roadgrader, Víctor. Doesn't matter how many times you check your back shoulder against it. You'll see it coming, and it won't help.

Adiós, Victor. We'll always have those couple weeks where we thought maybe you'd play some.