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Section 8 honoring Gonzalo Segares in Saturday afternoon testimonial

Segares, Pause, Herron expected to play in light-hearted kickaround in honor of a true Fire warrior

Thanks again, Gonzalo!
Thanks again, Gonzalo!
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what you're doing right now - you're double-checking your schedule for Saturday, see, because there's a party at Toyota Park that you're not going to want to miss, and the party is a game, and the game is a party, and it's all for one of the truly great warriors in Fire history: Gonzalo Segares.

It's his testimonial match, organized by Section 8 ISA. It's a celebration of the Costa Rican left back's fantastic career wearing the badge we all love so well - 264 appearances, 12 goals, yeah, and 19 assists, but he wasn't some fancy Dan: 66 yellow cards! HARD. Chris freakin' Armas? 40. Like I said - dude was hard when we needed it. Now he's coaching with the Fire Academy, and damned if that doesn't seem to be going well, too.

The game starts at 4:30 p.m., and takes place on the Toyota Park practice field just north of the parking lot. It should be difficult to miss - there will be football, of course, and catering by Comales (for suggested donation of $7 per plate; no one should go hungry). Just don't expect to see anyone get stuck in. You'll see plenty of that three hours later, when the Fire play New England.

So move that schedule around! Get the mowing done early! Give the sitter a couple more hours work, or bring the kids! We're celebrating Gonzalo Segares with a game that's a party that's a game. See you there!