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A Change in Management at Hot Time

Jeff Engelhardt named new editor; Sean Spence still an amazing wordsmith that will hopefully continue to write amazing stories from time to time.

I would like to start this announcement by saying thank you to Sean Spence. Sean took over as the chief editor here in July 2013. He navigated this site through some of the Fire’s most difficult years. Through it all, he wrote with a passion and style that gave this site a unique voice in a world full of echoes. And perhaps more impressively, he continued to inspire writers to contribute and create when many fans were losing interest in the club. His dedication and contribution to this site is truly remarkable.

Knowing Sean’s passion for the beautiful game and writing, I am sure we have not seen the last of his work here at Hot Time in Old Town.

When Sean decided to step down as editor here, he extended the opportunity to me and I was more than happy to accept. To formally introduce myself, I am Jeff Engelhardt, new editor for Hot Time in Old Town. You may have seen my byline the last couple seasons and hopefully you have enjoyed those modest contributions.

With this change will inevitably come changes to the site. How that will ultimately look, I don’t know. I will find my own voice and style, but more importantly, this site will change with you and for you. Hot Time has always been for the readers and I want to make sure this site remains a fun and informative destination for all Fire fans.

If you have ever wanted to write about the Fire, now is the time! We need writers, fresh voices and passionate people to contribute. If there was ever something you wanted to see at Hot Time, now is the time! Let me know how we can improve here and I will do my best to make it happen. You can leave comments, email me at or find me at Twitter @JWEngelhardt.

A new season is right around the corner and with it comes renewed hope. Whether 2016 turns out to be an exciting, successful or disappointing season for the Fire, I hope we can experience it together here at Hot Time.