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2016 Chicago Fire Roster: Player Positions & Tactical Formations

Coach Tony gives us an early tactical look at how the Fire could line up with the current roster.

We take an early look at potential tactical formations the Fire could deploy.
We take an early look at potential tactical formations the Fire could deploy.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

While we wait for January 19th, here’s a look at the current players on the roster - by position and by formation - to frame the upcoming player acquisitions.

2016 Fire Roster (from

GK (1): Sean Johnson

DEF (4): Jonathan Campbell, Patrick Doody (HG), Eric Gehrig, Brandon Vincent

MID (7): David Accam (DP), Kingsley Bryce, Drew Conner (HG), Collin Fernandez (HG), Matt Polster, Harry Shipp (HG), Michael Stephens

FWD (3): Joey Calistri (HG), Gilberto (DP, INT'L), Kennedy Igboananike (INT'L)

Unsigned: MID: Alex Morrell


* All players are placed into their "natural" or "first - best" positions ie. NO Harry Shipp at Left Outside Midfield

* No double placements for any player despite their ability to play multiple positions ie. NO Matt Polster at Right or Center Back

* Calistri and Conner have yet to be placed into any position as it’s too soon to tell their roles for 2016.

Several questions for the reader:

* Do you agree that we have everybody in their natural position in each of these four potential formations? Who would you move where?

* Are there any of the "Bench" players who you would start ahead of those on the field?

* Who are the one or two players who were waived or not resigned which you want to bring back? Why?

* If you were the new head coach in 2016, which of these four formations would you build around?

* Considering the number of available players from within MLS and available from outside MLS, who would you go after the fill in the voids?