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Unhappiness by comparison: Heineman's transparency shames Hauptman's silence

Maybe we call Robb Heineman, ask him to ask Andrew Hauptman what's up?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's true that all unhappiness comes by way of comparison. In a vacuum, maybe everyone in Chicago is totally chill with having a soccer team that routinely props up the MLS table, that has no training facility, no route from the academy to the first team - not even a paved parking lot. We're used to it. You miss the details because the blight has become familiar.

But this Robb Heineman guy down in Kansas City - he's making it hard to keep those happy thoughts. Here's the owner of one of MLS' most progressive and successful franchises, fresh off re-signing two potential MLS Best XI performers, getting up close and personal in public with a potential business partner:

Now, I'm not saying CF97 need Andy Hauptman to start tweeting his digits at every potential corporate tie-in. Or that we need him involved, really, in any particular way. But is it even possible to imagine having an owner that committed, that plugged-in, that transparent for the Fire at this point?

We know the answers. We continue to watch, and listen, and measure, and ponder. Remember: It doesn't have to be this bad. I mean, Kansas City. KANSAS CITY! The fuckin' Wiz, fergawdsakes. Of course it can happen here.