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5 Things Fire Fans Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The Fire suck, but let’s all look on the bright side!

MLS: New England Revolution at Chicago Fire
A picture as proof that Fire fans are still a thing. If they weren't, I would have this job.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Thanksgiving is a time to look at your life and feel gratitude towards the good things you have around you. Fire fans probably don’t list the team as one of the things they’re thankful for. Talking about how bad it is is like beating a dead horse. So instead of talking about how bad they are, let’s take a moment to actually find things to be thankful for this year.

Reason 1: You’re Alive, Aren’t You?

Let’s start simple. If you’re reading this, I have a very good bet that you’re alive. If you’re not, I apologize for assuming and please say hi to David Bowie for everyone (“What is dead may never die”). But if my calculations are correct, then be thankful you’re alive. Life is the only thing we know and since we have no definitive answer as to what comes after death, it’s much safer that you’re not.

So that’s something!

Reason 2: The 2016 Chicago Fire Season Is Over!

That’s right, we don’t have to actually watch the team any more this year! And while you may think that is something stupid to be happy about, remember that there was literally a demonstration in Section 8 where everyone was happily waving around wooden spoons during the last game of the season. This season was one of the worst in Fire history and we should be thankful that it’s done.

This season was actually almost as bad as...

Reason 3: The 2015 Season is now a whole year past!

See, improvement has been made (hopefully)! The process works!

Reason 4: The Chicago Red Stars Are Still Around (and they’re still good!)

You may not care about women’s soccer, but the Red Stars are actually pretty darn good. Also, women are smart and funny (get over it). Now that I’ve done my obligatory South Park reference, seriously watch the Red Stars, they’re so good. Christen Press is beautiful on the ball (and off the pitch), Alyssa Naeher is a freaking magical unicorn of a goalkeeper, and I won’t even get into the depth that this team possesses. I know we already talk about this team on this blog, but I’m hoping we can do even more this coming season.

And if you think women’s sports are dumb, just remember that of all the pro sports teams in Chicago, there are only three that are currently doing well. Of those three, two of those are women’s teams and the other one is the Cubs. Seriously, these girls should get more credit.

Reason 5: The Fire Actually Have Some Good Young Players Coming Up The Pipe-line

So here’s a genuine thing to be thankful for about the Fire. The organization, despite their best efforts, has actually produced some solid young players who just so happen to be in positions of need for us. At this point of the NCAA Cup, all of our “Big Three” Homegrown Prospects are still in it. Those three include Cam Lindley, Mauricio Pineda, and Grant Lillard. There’s also Andrew Guzman, but no one really talks about him (which is a shame, but I’ll save that for another time).

I could talk so much more about these guys. (In fact I wrote it and subsequently deleted it because it got way too in depth; story for another time, guys)

So those are a few things I’m thankful for with the Fire. But I’m extremely snarky and hate good things a lot, so I’m asking you guys what you’re actually thankful for in Chicago Soccer land? I know it’s probably not Micheal Harrington (check out that story), so please leave a comment. Sometimes people forget the good things in life and when those “sometimes” happen, sometimes people talking about things they’re grateful for help those people realize that life is good (there were a lot of “sometimes”s in that sentence).

We here at Hot Time hope you all have a fun time eating food with the people you love and watching that other kind of “football”. My suggestion is to try not to get into political arguments and have a good time.

The futility of a Fire fan is always summed up this time of year by this picture.