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Lampson wins MLS Humanitarian trophy

Hodgkins' survivor puts money where his mouth is to fight the disease that haunted him

Visualize the future ... the future ... the future ... the future ...
Visualize the future ... the future ... the future ... the future ...
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The Chicago Fire might’ve fallen backwards into the Historical Failures pile this last season - taking, perhaps, the place formerly occupied by that rounders club on Waverly and Sheffield - but the misty 2016 season was not without its mellow fruitfulness. Today, Major League Soccer declared Matt Lampson, Chicago Fire goalkeeper, MLS Humanitarian of the Year.

Lampson’s charity - which buoys people who (like Lampson)  are stricken with early-onset cancers - has raised "more than $30,000" since 2014, and will collect $5,000 from MLS for this award. Lampson himself has been cancer-free since 2007, but remembers well the terror associated with that word.

In league play, Lampson set a team-record shutout streak of 412 minutes, but was considered largely disappointing, albeit within the strictures of a team which absolutely did not succeed at any level (1-6-4 record, 18 goals in 11 appearances). Prior to his time with the Fire, Lampson was a Columbus Crew homegrown player, garnering a few MLS appearances and precious little else to speak of - but his work off the field remains exemplary, as this award demonstrates.