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Roundtable: MLS Cup 2017 - who ya got?

Most pick Toronto, motivated by either logic or spite

Sure is cup-like
The cup.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Spence: MLS Cup - who ya got?

Brian Bottei: Toronto.

John Carollo III: Fire! "WE’RE STILL IN DENIAL! WE’RE STILL IN DENIAL!" (like/comment/subscribe if you get that reference)

Ahan Jain: Yeah, I have Toronto too.

John: But seriously, Toronto. Unless Gio is out, and then Sea ... I can’t bring myself to say it, but you know what I mean.

Ahan: If Seattle had Dempsey, maybe. I hate Seattle, we can never beat them. But then I hate Toronto, too. Ugh. I’d like Seattle to win but I think Toronto is going to win.

James Bridget Gordon: I’m actually going to go with Seattle on this one. Pains me to say it, but I think it’s their year.

Ahan: Really?

James Bridget: Really really. I think Lodeiro will have a great night, and their back line will just about hold itself together.

Plus, this has been a banner year for terrible people and organizations triumphing against the odds. Trump as POTUS and Seattle as MLS Cup champions is exactly what this rotten country deserves.

Brian: The TFC offense doesn’t begin and end with Gio this year, though. (I’m one who thinks that Villa was a definite MVP pick over Gio.) I’ve never seen Jozy be a more complete forward, ever.

Mike Tooley: I don’t know why ... but I kind of want Seattle to win the title. I don’t have any reasons, really. Having said that, I think Toronto has a huge advantage playing at home in this one. It’s going to be windy and cold in Toronto. So, that’s fun.

Ahan: So I’m saying 3-2 Toronto.

Brian: 2 or 3 for Toronto, 1 for Seattle.

Mike: Since everyone here is in agreement saying Toronto is favored and Toronto should win, I am almost positive it will be Seattle now, just to prove us wrong.

Ahan: Just like most Fire games - we think we will win but we end up losing.

Mike: I don’t think I’ve actually thought the Fire would win a particular game for the last two years.