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Jiggly’s Draft Talk 2017: THE HUB

A Preview of, uh, previews

MLS: SuperDraft
Shameless Click-Baity Picture Of Our 1st Overall Pick From Last Season. Here’s Hoping We Keep It Simple This Year.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

DRAFT SEASON IS UPON US! It is the only time of the year that anyone outside of fellow students and families of the players actually care about college soccer! It’s not a mean thing, but this simply doesn’t get as much coverage as NCAA Football or Basketball. Which inevitably means that it’s incredibly difficult to really figure out who are the best guys around. For basement dwellers like our beloved Chicago Fire, that makes it crucial to know and follow the college game in order to see what we’re getting with our Top 3 pick. Unfortunately for you, I slacked off a bit on scouting. BUT! I always make sure I have all the tools available to me for researching these players. So just sit back and let me take the fate of the future of this team into my hands (Eww, what have they done with this? It’s all sticky).

In this preliminary article, I just want to lay out for everyone where our collective journey will take us. In following the format of the draft, I’ll name every single article a certain round. Our path will be as follows:

Now you may be thinking to yourself, Why so many rounds? What is this, the MLB Draft? To which I would say, Dude, there’s about 5 weeks until the draft, I think if we start coverage now we should really get as much as we can covered.

So starting next week, follow me through this strange, yet familiar world.

[And - for future reference - you can keep coming back to this article as the others come out for quick links to each article.]