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Life Is Harry, But Onward

The Harry Shipp trade made some people sick to their stomach. I was literally just sick. But we're healthy and alive again here at Hot Time.

So how about that Harry Shipp trade, eh?

As you could see, there has not been much coverage of the blockbuster move here, but thankfully former editor and writer extraordinaire Sean Spence stepped in to save the day. If you were wondering why the blog has been so quiet, it is because I have been laid out, dragged down and kicked in sensitive areas by sickness.

But I am still alive! And now we are going to get back to the kind of coverage we were providing since the draft as opposed to the last week and a half or so.

We've missed some big news. Like that whole deal of an NASL club officially starting the process of coming to Chicago during a Monday public forum. We'll certainly have more on that later, though I apologize we missed it Monday. Chicago Fire has also been linked to another FC Groningen player in Michael de Leeuw and the Chicago Red Stars have some big time bragging rights with Julie Johnston being named to the World XI.

It's not cool missing out on those kind of stories. To make sure the blog doesn't go radio silent again when I get sick, I am working on bringing in an assistant editor who will have the needed availability to cover the news when I cannot get to it. We have a lot of wonderful writers at this site, but the truth is life can get in the way and many are understandably unable to get to news as it happens. It is my hope that between the new assistant editor and myself, there will always be at least one person consistently able to stay on top of breaking and developing news.

We want to continue to give our loyal readers a reason to come back each and every day and we hope you will. Even blogs can have some preseason rust, but I am confident that phase has now passed for Hot Time. Stories shall be flowing every day henceforth. And I'll be well enough to ask questions on conference calls again.

So with all that out of the way, who thinks GAM and TAM might get some playing time Sunday against Vancouver?