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Come join the Hot Time team!

We are looking for a writer or two that can commit to at least one story per week. Is that person you?

We're looking for writers!
We're looking for writers!

You already love the Fire, why not share some thoughts?

We here at Hot Time have a team of talented feature writers, but we are in need of people who can produce some content on a weekly basis. Is it a time commitment? It sure is. Is it fun? You bet.

Generally speaking, you have the freedom to write whatever interests you the most. It could be tied into game coverage, it could be a larger look at the Fire and trends in the league, it could be a number heavy analytics piece. The possibilities are endless.

If you think you would only be able to a couple pieces a month, I would still love to hear from you, but it likely will not the fill the biggest need. If you think you can contribute at least one story per week, you could be a huge help.

Those interest just fill this form out and I will get back to you.