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Copa In Chicago: Open Thread

It is not often Chicago takes center stage in soccer related discussion. But tonight all eyes are on the Windy City as the U.S. look to rebound from an opening loss as they take on Costa Rica in a crucial Copa America match. How are you spending the day? Where are you watching? Will the U.S. win?

Welcome "home" John!
Welcome "home" John!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Soak it in Chicagoans.

The city is way off the MLS radar as far as national relevancy so I hope we all enjoy this rare opportunity to be the center of attention in the sport we love.

I, for one, am just going to enjoy the day and soak in the excitement and atmosphere that surrounds a big national team match. I know the U.S. didn't inspire much confidence in the opener against Colombia, but today is not the day to complain about Jurgen Klinsmann or wonder how much gas Clint Dempsey has left in the tank at this level.

Today is about optimism and fun! We have literal hometown man Brad Guzan starting in goal and sort-of-kind-of hometown man John Brooks likely starting at center back. Brooks has a tattoo of the city and state so he is a Chicagoan as far as I'm concerned.

Brooks was arguably the best player against Colombia, which is great, but I hope that doesn't happen tonight. Because if it does, that could very well mean the offense once again failed to score. The U.S. should certainly have more opportunities going forward tonight against a defense missing Kendall Waston and Keylor Navas.

I'm expecting a pretty similar lineup to the one used against Colombia, but a Darlington Nagbe start would be well received by virtually everyone at this point. I hope it happens.

So celebrate today and feel free to share anything you want all day right here. Post pictures, tailgate hot spots, lineup predictions, score predictions, whatever you want. Today is Chicago's day in the soccer sun! ( I got a 3-1 U.S. victory).