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Polster is back BAAYBAYY!

With the best defensive midfielder back in the fold, what is your preferred lineup?

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Chicago Fire
Matt Polster is expected back in the Fire lineup after a month out with a concussion.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Polster is back!

After a month on the sidelines courtesy of a concussion on a nasty head collision against Indy Eleven, the Fire’s best defensive midfielder is expected to return Wednesday against a red hot Sporting Kansas City side.

Polster’s return will open up a world of possibilities for the Fire in terms of how they lineup with an almost fully healthy squad and the addition of Michael de Leeuw. Two options I’d like to see:


Polster (defensive mid)

Thiam, Accam (wings)

De Leeuw, Goossens (centrally)

Igbo (striker)

Polster is generally so good I have no problem with him handling all the defensive duties by himself. Allowing de Leeuw to have a second option centrally with Goossens could open up the offense even more.


Polster; Cocis/Alvarez (defensive mid)

De Leeuw, Thiam, Goossens (mid)

Accam (striker)

Polster always works well in the old double pivot and both Cocis and Alvarez are capable of being good partners. This lineup would ask a little more out of de Leeuw but he could be capable of it and it’s always nice to have Accam close to the net.

How excited are you for Polster’s return? Do you think it will have a significant impact on the club and how would you deploy the lineup to maximize his skills?