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It is Fantasy Time Y'all, Come Join the HTIOT EPL Fantasy League

It's almost that time of year again where the English Premier League - I know it's the BPL now, but I've always hated hearing that - gets going and we fans of the beautiful game try to outwit each other while pretending to be a Premier League manager. Would you like to see how you stack up against us and others?

Well, head on over to the Premier League's fantasy site and pick your team. It's pretty simple. Pick 15 players within a budget of $100 and try to pick your best lineup each week. Every week you can transfer players in and out just in case of injuries or if your stud player suddenly turns into Chad Barrett and can't hit the side of a barn. After you pick your team look up the Hot Time league and use this code to join: 1188873-301998.

It is that simple, but be careful, it can get a little addictive and frustrating as well.