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Chicago Fire acquire Luis Solignac from the Rapids

The newest striker could get a Saturday start in Real Salt Lake

MLS: Sporting KC at Colorado Rapids
This is Luis Solignac running offsides. Hopefully he won’t do that too much for the Fire.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Fire continued their quest to stock their roster with ex-Rapids players as they made a move late Wednesday to acquire Argentinian striker Luis Solignac.

Chicago only had to part ways with General Allocation Money to land the striker and I am assuming they did so because the closet where they keep all the GAM was overflowing and they had no where else to store it. So with Michael Harrington and Nick LaBrocca already on the roster, they probably called up Colorado to see if they had anyone else they would like to part ways with in exchange for the excess GAM.

It’s a theory.

While I would like to get excited about this move, it is a pure depth signing, especially after the signing of David Arshakyan, who I am assuming they have long-term plans for. Solignac only has three goals in 33 appearances for the Rapids and has spent his MLS career primarily as a sub.

Let’s see what our friends at Burgundy Wave have to say about our newest striker.

That was their first reaction when I asked for thoughts on Solignac. Not the best endorsement I have ever heard.

After digging a little deeper, I also found out that, according to Rapids fans, he is not all that fast or technical. Apparently the team tried him on the left wing for a time in 2015 and it resulted in zero goals in 15 games.

BUT, there is a bright side to the 24-year-old. Burgundy Wave, what else do you have to say?

Alright! That’s what I like to hear. When the team moved him into an isolated striker role this season, Solignac responded with three goals in 1,100 minutes of action. Still not great but definitely better than zero goals. Rapids fans say the move allowed Solignac to use his physicality and good first touch, so he does have some strengths to utilize.

There is the scouting report from the Rapids fans. How about general manager Nelson Rodriguez’s thoughts on his newest acquisition? From the official press release:

"Simply, Luis is a good footballer.”

OK. I get it Nelson. It’s been a long, hectic day for you at this point. You probably just want to go home and get to bed. But there has to be more than that, right?

"He has soft feet, is mobile, understands how to play in combination and is familiar with the demands of the League. We expect him to contribute right away."

Thanks! It sounds like Rodriguez also likes Solignac’s first touch and physicality. We seem to know what we got here.

And when Rodriguez says “contribute right away” he means right away. According to a club source (yeah, sometimes I can be that guy) Solignac will be at Real Salt Lake Saturday and I would expect him to start in order to preserve David Accam and Michael de Leeuw as much as possible for Tuesday.

Welcome to the Fire Luis!