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The Entire Chicago Red Stars Roster Will Be Back In 2018

The club decided not to cut or waive anybody

Photo via Chicago Red Stars

With the end of the 2017 season comes the time of year many fans dread: when teams announce who they’re letting go. There’s always the fear that one’s favorite player will be cut loose. With the Chicago Red Stars having a disappointing end to the season— having failed to reach the NWSL Championship Final for the third year in a row— there was always a chance the front office would look to rebuild.

But for this year at least, that is not the case. The Red Stars announced earlier today that everyone on the 2017 roster will be back in 2018.

The club have exercised options on 14 players, while another, Vanessa DiBernardo, was offered a new contract to lock her in for a fifth season in Chicago.

USWNT-ers listed at Federation Players remain affiliated with the Red Stars, including Christen Press, Julie Ertz, Casey Short, Alyssa Naeher, and Morgan Brian. Sofia Huerta will be returning next year but is not listed as a Federation Player; she was one of the 14 whose option was exercised.

The Red Stars still have a draft to look forward to in January, and it’s possible there will be deals made in the run-up to the new season in the spring. So the 2018 Red Stars may not look exactly the same as in 2017. But it’s clear that the club are going for stability right now, and that is probably the right now.