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Not Football-Related: Tragedy Strikes Former Fire Assistant Coach Leo Percovich

Car accident in Brazil leaves former goalkeeper’s daughter dead, other children in critical condition

Football is a lot of things: Brutal and beautiful and capricious, full of swooping crescendos and subtle silences. It can be hard. Its gaze is pitiless and blank as the sun. But football’s cruelty is shallow as a mummer’s fancy when placed beside the kind of heartache the twists and turns of simple existence can dish out.

Leo Percovich was Chicago Fire assistant coach from 2011 to 2013, a member of the Frank Klopas regime. After Klopas was let go, Leo landed on his feet as the goalkeeping coach for Middlesbrough FC in England, staying on even after manager Aitor Karanka was let go and building a good rapport with the fans there. This fall, his football adventure took him back to South America, taking a job with Fluminense as their U20 coach.

In the wee hours of this morning, the adventure was sidelined by one of those awful twists. A car crash during a family outing has killed one of his two daughters, and left his other children - a daughter and a son - in critical condition in a ICU at press time. Percovich’s wife is reportedly stable but suffered a fractured pelvis in the crash. It is believe Percovich himself escaped with only bruises and scratches.

The thoughts of the staff of Hot Time (and the Chicago Fire community as a whole) are with Leo Percovich and his family in this fraught time. If anyone has thoughts on how to help, either through donations or some type of other action, please post them in the comments and we will update the story as necessary.