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Is this the new Chicago Fire Secondary kit?

Schema: Take last year’s kit, hit ‘color select/replace,’ and go to town

So sorta like this, but grey instead of white
Like Khialy Thiam, these Chicago flag-inspired second kits are no longer with the Fire.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Just recently on Twitter (branching from Reddit) the much anticipated look at the Chicago Fire secondary kit was leaked. Let’s have a look:

It was known going into 2017 that the Fire were planning to have new secondary kits. The all-white jerseys with parallel blue and red stripes running across the jersey were based on the Chicago flag, which was nice, but also were in use during a truly epic road losing streak, somewhat tainting the feelings about the design. This new kit - if the leak is to be believed - is said to based off the amazing 1984 Chicago White Sox road greys:

So, like this, then.

... which in the end is very different from the standard white away jerseys.

The leakage of the jerseys shows an all grey jersey with some thin red stripes running across it like the blue and red stripes did on last years jerseys. Of course there is then the Fire badge in the top right corner along with the adidas logo to the right of it. Next on top of the jersey there are three parallel blue stripes running across the shoulders which lead down to the MLS badge and the bottom of the sleeve which is also part navy. This jersey will be likely accompanied with either navy or grey shorts in soxes, which in my opinion is a lot of grey.

Hot (Time) Take

It is definitely nice to see is which this away jersey will be one of the few away jerseys which will not be white. There are something like 11 teams in the MLS which have white in their jerseys so like I said its nice to see the Fire mix it up a bit.

Another thing that stand out is that it is a very clean and sharp look. Even though the photo we have isn't too good we can't tell that there aren’t any weird gradients or color variations like the Fire’s 2014 and 2015 jerseys had.

A downside is how dry or bland it feels. I know away jerseys aren't supposed to be bright, but the grey could interpreted as a sad or a dull look. A lot will ride on the rest of the kit - if the socks and shorts are grey, too, don't you think that would be way too much grey?

Overall, this was just a glimpse at the Fire secondary kit. Please note though that this isn't a finalized product, it’s just a leak so there could be other changes made. Maybe one day the Fire listen to us and make their away kit as awesome as the Red Stars Chicago flag kit:

No, seriously, best kit ever.

Like it? Hate it? Kinda meh? Let us know in the comments what you think!