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Red Stars Announce Their Opening Games Of The 2017 Season

The NWSL finally— finally!— gives us something resembling a schedule

Via Chicago Red Stars/Twitter

Those of us on the WoSo beat have been chomping at the bit for the NWSL to release their 2017 schedule. It’s been frustrating, and more than a little puzzling, to see the league drag their feet like this.

And while we still don’t have a full schedule, the league finally managed to throw us a bone. The first two weeks of 2017 are out in the wild.

Opening weekend is set for April 15-16. The new broadcast deal with Lifetime will get its first run out on the 15th with Portland hosting Orlando in the first NWSL Game Of The Week.

As for the home side, the Red Stars start the 2017 campaign the same way they started 2016— away at Houston. (Hopefully this season’s meeting will have a happier ending.) The home opener is set for April 22nd when the Red Stars host FC Kansas City at Toyota Park.

Hot (Time) Take


(Also if the NWSL could just go ahead and release the rest of the schedule soon that’d be great. Thanks in advance.)