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Play Fantasy Soccer with Hot Time!

Just a few days left to join our league before the season opens

2016 MLS Cup - Seattle Sounders v Toronto FC
The most wanted player in all of fantasy soccer: Sebastian Giovinco

It’s that time of the year again. Fantasy soccer is back and Hot Time will not stand idly by as other sites make their own leagues! So join us in a game that involves picking players that are playing against the Fire in that week because their stats will get a boost ... just kidding! We pick against Columbus here, not the Fire.

Our league code is: 7469-1568

Go here, go to the “Join Leagues” page, then go to “Private Leagues” and plug in the code! Then you’re ready to get wrecked by cleverly named teams like “Nothing Compares De Leuuw”, “Don’t Kapple The Hoff”, or “Calistri’s Dragons”. Or maybe you can wreck them! Or maybe you just decided to name your team that, so you will never get wrecked by them.

All that matters is that we have fun and everyone has at least 4 Fire players in their squad (not a requirement, but will be frowned upon if you don’t do it).