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Come Write For Hot Time In Old Town!

We’re looking for a few writers to contribute to Fire matchday coverage (and one or two for the Red Stars)

The start of the MLS season is upon us and the NWSL season isn’t far behind. Like our very own Fire, we here at Hot Time have been deep in pre-season prep for the new season. We’re ready to go for opening day, but we’re still looking to bolster the squad.

That’s where you come in.

Hot Time In Old Town has served as a community for Fire fans and writers who love to wax poetic about Chicago soccer. We pride ourselves on our fearlessness, our honesty, and our commitment to telling the stories that need to be told about our teams and this sport.

Per our mission statement:

We are a Chicago soccer blog driven by passion. Our writing is sharp, our prose is purple, our coverage is frequently adversarial. We thumb our noses at access journalism. We believe caring about the Fire and the Red Stars means accountability— from clubs, from fans, and from the media.

We’re keen on adding some contributors to our Fire coverage. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Filling some gaps in our matchday coverage
  • Availability to write up some quick news stories as they break throughout the week
  • Willingness to chime in on our weekly roundtable discussions

We’re also looking for (at least) one contributor to help out with the Red Stars desk and make a big contribution to matchday coverage throughout the 2017 NWSL season.

A few things upfront:

  • 18 and over, please.
  • We are currently unable to pay. As a working freelancer myself, I understand that this is often a dealbreaker. Please know that if you are able to make room for us in your schedule that we will be respectful of your time and grateful for your service in helping to build and maintain a thriving community.
  • In recent years we have moved away from access journalism. Whereas other Chicago Fire blogs have established relationships with the Fire’s media office and have well-placed sources elsewhere in the club, we have subsisted the past few years without so much as a gameday press pass. If you’re hoping to meet players or otherwise be allowed behind the velvet rope, we cannot offer that. What we can offer is a long leash to say what you want to say, to write things up as you see them, to be fearless in your perspective without worrying about losing access. In place of perks, we offer freedom.
  • We are actively seeking out applications from women, writers of color, and LGBTQ contributors. As a transgender person, I can speak from experience when I say that diversity isn’t just a buzzword at Hot Time. Marginalized voices are supported, nurtured, and elevated here.
  • Our motto: “do no harm but take no shit.”

Interested? Leave a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter.