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Can The Chicago Fire Win The World Cup?

We take a hard, in-depth look at a question few have dared to ask

Chicago Fire Introduce Basitan Schweinsteiger Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The Fire held their press conference unveiling Bastian Schweinsteiger as their new rock star Designated Player signing. During the presser, a reporter asked Schweini if he felt he could win the World Cup with the Fire.

Yes, really.

It’s possible the reporter just didn’t understand the difference between club teams and international teams. Yet it’s also possible said journo knew exactly what he was talking about. That maybe he was interrogating the Fire’s sense of ambition by asking just how far this team can go.

Do the Fire dare dream the impossible dream? Is Andrew Hauptman willing to do what it takes to get them there?

Can the Fire win the World Cup next year?

Hot (Time) Take

No. God, no. Why would anyone ask that? What is wrong with you people?