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Fire 4, Sounders 1: First Thoughts

The Fire battle through a tough first half, explode in the second half, and earn three critical points.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
  • Huh. De Leeuw central mid...I’m intrigued, Pauno. I really feel he was ineffective on the wing so far this season.
  • Man, I love seeing that flag in The Harlem End. Good to be back home.
  • Also, thank you, Jack Kelly for making me nearly spit my coffee out when I read that Paunovic player-manager headline...

FIRST THOUGHT: What a horrible road trip. We got better each match we played, but 1 from 9 is terrible. Honestly, the only thought is this: Get. Three. Points.


1- Good to be a national broadcast tonight. Let’s show ‘em what we got.

2- Woah! Near Seattle goal as a deflection rights off the bar.

4- Myyyyyy-lanta. We look completely flat. We’re lucky Dempsey just missed a wide open header.

5- Once again, shaky at the back. Foul just outside the box. Free kick upcoming (and we have looked bad at these so far this season...)

7- Niko gets a great chance but is denied Frei. Corner kick...not so great.

11- This has been a really messy, sloppy performance so far. Not settling into the match at all.

12- I’m getting really sick of these ‘forward’s challenges’ from de Leeuw and his absolute shock that he’s getting fouls called on him.

16- Schweini. Such class.

19- Wow -- Accam just had a brilliant run into space and a perfect ball delivered to him, but couldn’t control it and get an effort on goal. One of the best potential chances so far.

21- Nikolic offside? You don’t say!

22- Did I ever mention how annoying it is to see a forward wearing a #2 kit?

23- PENALTY! Niko taken down in the box! Here we go...

24- PENALTY SAVED! But it looked like Frei came off his line! Another penalty shot!


28- GOAL. SEATTLE. Again, a massive gap between Schweinsteiger and the back line and way too much space for Dempsey to have a brilliant shot.

29- Dax and Bastian look really out of sync here and once again, controlling the ball in midfield is like pulling teeth.

31- Does this ref have any idea what the heck he’s doing, or is he making it up as he goes?

39- David Accam with a great run and just left it too far for Solignac. They finally put some pressure on the Sounders. But now it’s right back to Seattle controlling possession.

44- Fire starting to get a bit more possession now, but it’s meaningless as they’re not abel to even get to the final third without losing the ball.

HALFTIME THOUGHT: Outplayed. Lucky to not be down. Can’t be a counter attacking team if you can’t defend.

47- Not a great showing by our supporters for this nationally televised game — Twellman calling out how quiet we are...

48- YELLOW CARD- LAMPSON. Lampson with a bad touch and a bad foul. This is a really bad area to concede a free kick.

54- I’ve seen enough of de Leeuw.

55- Sorry I’m so negative right now, ladies and gentlemen. This wasn’t the homecoming I was expecting.

60- GOAL! CHICAGOOOO FIRE! - David Accam SLAMS home a goal to put the Fire BACK ON TOP! 2-1!

61- That’s more like it. Get the ball into the corners and work from there. Find the way to beat the defense and do it!

61- Well, Dempsey just about drew a penalty. Kappelhof hesitated for just a second and he might have clipped call.

65- Alright boys, time to defend. Again, get three points, whatever it takes.

66- I really don’t understand how someone isn’t tied to Dempsey’s waistband. You can’t give him an INCH.

67- de Leeuw legit could have his own soap opera. For the record, I wouldn’t watch.

71- A few subs here — and Matt Polster is on! Glad to see him back on the pitch.

73- GOAL! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Great ball in, Niko flicked it on and Solignac (with help from a defender) put it away. 3-1!!!!

76- ANOTHER GOAL! IT’S NIKOLIC AND THEY’RE RUNNING AWAY!!!! - Kappelhof just literally walked through midfield and Acamm hit Niko for #2 tonight! FOUR TO ONE, PEOPLE!

79- This game has absolutely flipped on it’s head. It looks like it was only a matter of time before Seattle took the lead and the Fire totally flipped the script.

86- Chicago just closing this thing out now. I’m still shaking my head that the Fire just took this game over.

87- Accam coming off. Brilliant performance. I’ve said it before, but he willed them to another victory.

89- SENDING OFF - JOEVIN JONES. Shown his second yellow and frustration has officially set in for Seattle. That was his second yellow in two minutes.

FINAL THOUGHT: Is it okay to say I’m completely clueless at this point? For a better part of this game, the Fire looked overmatched and Seattle looked the clear better team. Then, the Fire turned it on and took it to the Sounders, winning in convincing style. Clearly, the Sounders are a bit of a mess right now, but it’s a good three points regardless. Again, plenty to work on this week, but the first thought stands: Get. Three Points. ... Mission. Accomplished.