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Fire 3, Rapids 0: First Thoughts

Chicago’s success at home continues as they dominate Colorado

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
  • Polster in at RB for his first start of the season!
  • This week needed an extra Fire game. Love the slate of extra soccer upcoming.
  • What a crazy, scary, and ultimately awesome story about Ben Lindau.

FIRST THOUGHT: Don’t come out flat. Colorado is coming off a big win, so we need to take control early.


1- Warm and windy in Bridgeview. Getting giddy about summertime soccer!

3- Possession in midfield moving forward has been an issue lately. I’d like to see us work it into the corners and get some service into Niko.

4- Speaking of Nikolic and the golden boot race, I’m guessing Hull City really wish they would have bought him right about now...

9- It’s been slow developing so far, both teams still settling in. Fire starting to slowly but surely work up the pitch...

11- Chicago with a couple corners but nothing to show for it. Rapids player with a possible head injury...

15- GOAL! NIKOLIC LEADS MLS WITH NINE GOALS!!! - Vincent sneaks forward, beautiful cross in, and Niko is free for a header! 1-0!!!!!!!!!

18- The Fire are really starting to link up well -- quick, one touch passes slicing through defenses. Saw it late on Saturday night and early in this match...

18- Accam turns on the AFTERBURNERS and nearly goes all the way with a curling shot JUST wide! This team has more than one way to strike quickly.

20- Fire opening the floodgates moving forward...and Niko get’s a liiiiiiittle divey there...

22- Okay, boys, we’re getting a tad bit aggressive here...remember, let’s protect this lead, eh?

26- I’m not gonna lie, a back four consisting of Vincent, Kappelhoff/Meira/Campbell, and Polster is alright with me. Can focus on attacking players in transfer market and draft...

32- Fire in total control. Waiting for the moment to strike.

34- that! (Almost.) Accam smashes a shot, great save by Howard who eventually concedes a corner.

41- Fire need to tighten it up here with 4 minutes left in the half...can’t possibly go into the locker room 1-1...

45+2- Pretty surprised we haven’t seen a yellow yet...


45+3- Nearly another chance for Nikolic, but the ball is out of reach. That should do it for the first half...

HALFTIME THOUGHT: Bags of pace. Bags of aggression. Bags of confidence. This is the team I thought I’d see in Toronto.

46- Hey! Philly won a game! LOL.

49- Looks like just a matter of time now before the Fire score a second.

56- This is the most exciting, boring game of all time. Chicago simply dominating possession, and dominating the match.

57- GOAL! KING DAVID! FIRE DOUBLE THEIR LEAD! Polster puts in the work, the ball falls to Accam who SLAMS it into the top netting!

60- Juninho comes on for Accam. Like the move, giving David a bit of a breather before this weekend.

65- For a team that finished 2nd last season, I really am curious...what was the gameplan from Colorado tonight?

67- It’s May 17th. At the end of this match, the Fire will be on 18 points. Last season, they didn’t have 18 points until July 31st.

69- Jonathan Campbell coming on for Solignac. Also, Rapids make their final sub, none of which have made any impact.

72- Colorado pushing forward, I’m feeling a 3rd Fire goal soon...

72- Woah...nervy time here...Lampson with a good save on a bit of a mistake by Campbell as he’s scrambling inside his own box...


76- Bastian with a bit of a rest here, as Mihailovic comes on for a quick run. Love the move by Pauno. This has been a nearly flawless evening.

81- VINCENT...we’re trying to keep a clean sheet over here, dude. Lampson looking a tad bit frustrated.

86- You think Howard would rather be on the bench at Everton right now? (I’m sorry, I had to)

88- Niko gunning for that hat trick.

90+1- Safe to say this now: It’s May 17th. The Chicago Fire are on 18 points. Last year, they didn’t have 18 points until July 31st.

FINAL THOUGHT: Man, it’s a lot easier when we, like, score a bunch of goals and don’t allow shots on goal. Can we do this every time?