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D.C. United 0, Fire 1: First Thoughts

Road win: Check. Shutout: Check. Three in a row: Check.

MLS: Chicago Fire at D.C. United Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
  • Interesting note: If (Chicago) FC United win their next match, they’ll play D.C. United in the U.S. Open Cup here at RFK Stadium.
  • Disclaimer: I’m watching this match with Spanish audio, so I’m probably going to have no idea what they’re saying if something controversial happens.
  • It legitimately looks like there are 13 people at this game. This stadium has a capacity of almost 46,000.

FIRST THOUGHT: Massive opportunity to get a road win here. D.C. United have been awful so far, only scoring 9 goals in 10 games. Whether it’s 1-0, 5-0, or 3-2, just gotta find a way to win.


4- Fire with some good pressure to start things off.

7- YELLOW CARD - D.C. UNITED. Really dangerous challenge near the Fire’s box and Sarvas is shown an early card.

9- End to end soccer so far, pretty good chance this is a back and forth, offensive match.

11- With De Leeuw and Solignac in midfield, and Polster at RB, there’s a lot of versatility for movement and fluidity on the right side. It’s going to give the defense problems if they can’t anticipate hwere a player going to be.

12- A near own goal! Not sure how, but it was called a goal kick. Pauno not pleased.

14- A bit shaky at the back early on...on the road, defense needs to be tidy and in control. Something to work on as United keep pressing.

15- Niko just put a near-perfect ball through to Accam — the keeper just beat him to the ball. The offense continues to develop new ways to threaten.

19- Seriously, I think we’re like 30 seconds away from Ben Olsen getting on the field and being United’s 12th player.

23- Nothing really prompting this thought...but just realized that Schweinsteiger went from playing with David De Gea and Manuel Neuer to Bava and Lampson. That’s incredible.

26- Schweinsteiger was just crushed in the shoulder — not sure how that wasn’t a foul. I feel like this ref could either say play on, or send someone off for the same challenge. That worries me.

28- Alright, we’re on the verge of the referee losing control here. It’s been a physical game, but none of the players know what is and isn’t a foul.

29- Polster just set up Nikolic beautifully, but it was blocked in front. Really great chance.

37- Meira just took a nasty deflection to the face. Looks like there wasn’t any damage done to his moneymaker, though.

40- It’s good this is an afternoon game, because this game has gone a bit stale. If it was 10pm I’m not sure I’d still be typing.

42- Right on queue, the Fire strike back on the counter and nearly score...Niko headed short side and Hamid was there to stop it.

44- Fire pushing forward a bit before half — Accam with a nice effort that sprayed wide right.

HALFTIME THOUGHT: Fairly uneventful there; only 3 shots on target, all from the Fire, to go with 61% of the possession. This needs to be 3 points when all is said and done.

50- Once again, we see Vincent’s improved deliveries into the box. Sets up De Leeuw nicely, but he can’t close the deal.

52- GOAL FOR EL FIRE!!!!!!!!! - Solignac pinged a ball forward to David Accam who slotted home the go ahead goal! (Shouts for offside were denied by the referees.)

54- Not sure how he was onside. But I ain’t complaining! Accam is dat dude.

56- Wow. Just saw a replay — Accam was legit onside. Amazing.

57- Schweinsteiger just made one of the first mistakes I’ve ever seen him make; luckily, Meira was there to deal with it.

58- Lots happening here, and I’m pretty sure Kappelhof just got away with a handball which would have been a pen. Time to tighten it up here...

60- D.C. United throwing bodies forward. Still 30 minutes left, so it seems a bit early, but the Fire should look to punish them again on the counter.

62- Foul after foul against United, and I’m pretty sure there’s steam coming out of Paunovic’s ears.

64- YELLOW CARD - D.C. UNITED. De Leeuw frustrating the United forwards there, and a yellow shown to Neagle, possibly for dissent.

65- YELLOW CARD - CHICAGO. Bastian being Bastian, just “bumps” Hamid and draws a silly yellow card.

72- Double sub for United as they give all they can to find a goal -- and I get ready to celebrate another Fire score.

74- ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH DE LEEUWWWWWWWW. Dax just put a GOAL on a SILVER PLATTER for MDL, and he fluffed it. Remains 1-0...

77- I’ve been really shocked by Schweinsteiger’s fitness since he came to Chicago. Honestly, I thought that was the main reason he couldn’t get a game in Manchester. Needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

78- Conner coming on for Accam. The spark plug to the Fire’s engine getting a bit more time to rest before another match this week.

82- Niko....sooooo close to putting this one away.

84- Odoi-Astem on for D.C. sub.

85- Niko denied by Hamid AGAIN! Fire doing all they can to put this thing away!

85- Campbell on for De Leeuw. Pauno getting defensive here to close this one out.

90- Swiss cheese is what the D.C. United defense is after DMC AND Bastian just weaved their way through them. Nearly scored twice there! What a move by both midfielders!

90+4- A few nervy minutes here, but it looks like we’re gonna close this one out!

FINAL THOUGHT: Three in a row and the Fire keep moving up the table. The team is finding new ways to create chances, and are denying teams quality opportunities to score. Let’s do it again at home on Thursday!