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Signal Intel: Wounded Galaxy determined to defend home turf

Tonight’s game in LA represents the Fire’s best chance in years to take all three points in Hollywood

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Los Angeles Galaxy
Coming out of an offseason filled with bad ideas in Carson, maybe the worst is ‘Jermaine Jones, creative fulcrum’ - unless literal bloodsport is your thing.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

For this week’s scouting report, we turned to Kyle Sennikoff of LA Galaxy Confidential:

Hot Time: Obviously, the post-Bruce transition in LA has been a little rough so far. How alarmed are Galaxy supporters by the team's poor opening? Are there positive signs amidst the wreckage?

LA Galaxy Confidential: Among the supporters there aren't many positive signs. Against the Union last weekend, while the Galaxy dominated most of the night, they were unable to put together that final pass to get them three points. So yes, there's definitely cause for concern and most want Curt Onalfo gone sooner than later if the Galaxy continue to drop points.

HT: Giovanni Dos Santos - inspirational leader, or The Most Inspirational Leader? Discuss. (But, seriously, what's wrong with the dude?)

LAGC: Last year, Dos Santos ended the season in double figures for both goals and assists. I think the biggest issue is the guys linking up with Gio. He had Keane, when healthy, and Lletget, even Gerard played a role, in the build up process. Now he's left with Jones, Pedro, Alessandrini etc. They just aren't at the same level quality wise as the guys last year were and it's taking time to adjust. I think he'll eventually be fine, but the chemistry just isn't quite there yet.

HT: The narrative a couple years ago was that the Galaxy were transitioning away from their MLS Galacticos-Lite approach to a more organic, development-oriented system. Large, early investments in Los Dos and the Galaxy academy have produced quite a bit of talent ... but integration into the first team has been spotty at best. How is the transition to homegrown talent proceeding? What roadblocks exist that prevent the Galaxy from the kind of success FC Dallas is enjoying?

LAGC: There's been a ton of integration from former Los Dos players into this season's starting XI and there always seem to be anywhere between 4-6 LAGII kids in the lineup.

But they just don't have the experience yet to be able to compete week in and week out in MLS and you saw that against the Seattle Sounders. I think they do have the quality, they just need to get used to the talent of the opposition at this level.

Predicted starting XI: Rowe; Diallo, Steres, Van Damme, Cole; Pedro, Husidic; Alessandrini, Jones, dos Santos; Zardes.

Injury notes: Robbie Rogers (nerve damage in foot), Clement Diop (hip), Sebastian Lletget (recovery from surgery).