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Roundtable: Winning And Wallowing

The Hot Time crew really doesn’t want David Accam to leave us. Ever.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Chicago Fire Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

James Bridget Gordon: Alright friendos, the Fire tore Orlando apart on Saturday and are now unbeaten in nine games.

So why is everybody so miserable?

Jake Payne: I would imagine because were literally watching Accam play his way out of Chicago.

James Bridget: You know, that's a good point.

Accam talked to reporters after the game and they asked him about the transfer rumors. His response was basically, "I just want to win trophies and I don't really care where that is."

Jack Kelly: Please don't leave us, David. We need you too much.

James Bridget:

Jack: Last summer I was at Toyota Park for this same fixture, and whenever Accam touched the ball the crowd got hyped. I was there with one of my good friends who turned to me and said, "when he touches the ball, it's Messi-like reactions [from the crowd.]" At the time, I thought he was crazy. Watching the Fire play now and seeing how much the fans love Accam, I think my friend had a point.

Long-story-short, Rodriguez & Co. should be trying reeeeaaally hard to keep him at the club.

James Bridget: Agreed. He said repeatedly that he wants to win trophies and, uh. Buddy. Have I got some exciting news for you.


<looks around>

<in a hushed voice>

Unless we can get a huge transfer fee for him.

James Bridget: Oh totally, I mean I'd rather keep him but if we can't let's make sure we get paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid.

Jack: Also, can we just appreciate this for a second? I know we already have, but I could watch this allllllll day.

James Bridget: Yes.

Yes let's all bask in the warm glow of David Accam doing stuff.

Jack: Two things from this one:

1.) Wow

2.) I really hate when people don't look at the media guide for the correct way to pronounce someone's name.

James Bridget: For real though.

Alex Picchietti: One of my buddies asked me this Bastian that good (essentially that he's single-handedly turned the Fire into a championship contender)?

I think it's like 50-65% yes -- but I think it's also so much of the other 10+ guys as well. Like, Schweinsteiger is amazing, and he's undoubtedly had an effect on how they play, how they think, how they see the field, and their confidence.

James Bridget: The Fire still have Niko, Accam, and Dax. That makes them good.

Basti makes them great.

Alex: Exactly, JBG. Niko was a hit. A big one. Dax was a good move. Accam is Accam, we know this. Our defensive 4 are gellin', but you put Schweinsteiger into that up and coming mix. Yeah, it's a really, really, really good to great team.

James Bridget: Without Basti I'd say we're still playoff contenders, though likely a lot closer to the red line. With Basti... I mean I don't want to jinx it but December Soccer in Chicago is starting to less and less like a pipe dream.

So obviously King David stole the show, but I feel like it overshadows some brilliant performances from the rest of the squad. Who stood out for you most on Saturday?

Jake: I thought Kappelhof had a really really strong performance. He has great off the ball movement and definitely killed off a lot of forward momentum on Orlando's movement.

Sean Spence: I'd point to my note and say de Leeuw and Solignac - it's amazing to have selfless grinders who are also really good at football.

James Bridget: I’m going to give a nod to Matt Polster. He didn't have the best game on Saturday-- as Sean noted in his recap-- but he's also come a long way since being thrown in as a wide defender. And his work on the first goal was superb. He's still got a bit of a climb ahead of him but I think he's made some real progress in his new role and I think by the time the playoffs roll around he'll be one of the more dependable fullbacks in the league.

Alright, last question. Predictions for the USOC game in Cincy?

Sean: I think we beat Cincy 3-1 after they get the early goal and freak everyone out.

James Bridget: Ugh, I hate to say this, but: 1-1, Fire win on penalties. I really hope that Sean's right and I'm wrong, though.