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Post-Match Reactions From Dax And Niko Following The MLS All-Star Game

The Fire stars unpack a memorable night after the All-Star Team’s loss on penalties to Real Madrid

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We at Hot Time are still a teensy bit hungover from the 2017 MLS All-Star Game. While the chance to show off our fair city was definitely a plus, the game itself was... I mean, it was an MLS All-Star Game. They’re giant brand activations pretending to be soccer games.

The best moment for the “home team” came late on. Chicago Fire captain Dax McCarty nearly scored off a header from point-blank range. Orlando City’s Dom Dwyer was able to catch the ball on the rebound and bodyslam it over the line (with Dax getting credit for the assist). The goal leveled the score and technically gave the MLS All-Stars a draw over the defending European champions. (But in another, more accurate sense, Real Madrid won on penalties.)

That goal sequence was among several topics Dax brought up in the dressing room after the game. (Try to power through the several instances of “The MLS.”)

Fire striker and current MLS Golden Boot leader Nemanja Nikolic also spoke to reporters after the game. He talked about AST’s performance, Greg Garza’s injury, and his growing love for Chicago.