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Chicago Red Stars join Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

How you can help the Red Stars donate to those effected by Hurricane Harvey

Chicago Red Stars

The whole nation sat back and watched in horror as we gazed upon unbelievable scenes from the Gulf Coast. Texas and surrounding areas were ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and the storm left damage and devastation in its wake.

Harvey dumped an unprecedented 40 inches of rain on Houston and surrounding areas, causing billions of dollars in damage and displacing thousands of people from their homes.

Emergency resources are spread so thin, authorities have given civilians encouragement to aid in rescue and recovery efforts. Even if you are not located in Texas, there are ways for you to assist those in need.

The Chicago Red Stars are lending a helping hand and so can you. Here is how you can help, the Red Stars have decided to do host a jersey auction to aid those in need and help the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston.

The proceeds from the jersey auction and will go in part with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s relief fund. If you are unfamilar with Watt here is a backstory on his mission.

Watt has made it his personal goal to raise money for those effected by this disaster and fans have met and exceeded his expectations. Over 100,000 donors have joined his effort to aid those effect.

The Red Stars jersey auction began on August 31st and will end on September 22nd at Noon CT, prior to the Red Stars game on the 23rd in Houston. You can bid on jerseys from Christen Press, Julie Ertz, Sofia Huerta and even Morgan Brian.

You can bid on a Red Stars jersey by texting “REDSTARS” to 52182 or clicking here.

If you can’t afford contributing to the jersey auction, make an effort to donate if you are financially able to do so. Here is a list of credible charities that you can choose from to assist those in need.

If you wish to donate to Watts’ relief fund directly, you can do so here.

Just because the rain has stopped doesn’t mean the recovery is over. It will take a long time for the Gulf Coast to return to what it once was but any aid provided could go a long way to accelerate those efforts.