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David Accam Traded To Philadelphia [UPDATED]

Matt Lampson also sent to Minnesota

MLS: Eastern Conference Knockout Round-New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Who says Draft Day is boring, eh?

In the midst of the 2018 MLS Draft— which we’ll have a special report on later this afternoon— the Chicago Fire made a blockbuster deal for one of their star players.

David Accam, one of the Fire’s most productive goalscorers over the past two seasons, has been traded to the Philadelphia Union. In exchange, the Fire will receive $1.2 million in allocation money, spread out over the next two years.

I, uh. Ok then.

More details will surely surface in the next few days. But at first pass, there’s only two ways this deal makes sense.

A. Accam really, really wanted to leave Chicago. If he was on his way out no matter what, that $1.2m in MLS Funny Money is at least getting something and making the best of a bad situation. (Not unlike the Cam Lindley sitch.)


B. The Fire are hoarding allocation money in order to make a big deal. Quintero? Kuba? Someone else we haven’t heard of yet? Who knows.

So, yeah. Here’s hoping the Fire have a plan.

UPDATE: Paul Tenorio is reporting that the Fire will get a huge chunk of whatever transfer fee Philly earn if they flip him this year or next. All of a sudden, this deal doesn’t seem so bad.

UPDATE 2: So, no huge deal in the hopper. We just sent Accam to a conference rival for a bunch of Garber Bucks. Wheeeeeeeeee!

In other news, the Fire made a deal with Minnesota United to move up to 5th in the draft order so they could grab Jon Bakero and Mo Adams, the former being a highly-rated creative attacker. In exchange, the Fire bid adieu to controversial goalkeeper Matt Lampson.

That, combined with Jorge Bava being “mutually consented” yesterday, means that the Fire are banking on Richard Sanchez to be their savior in goal. That is... definitely a choice. (Or we’re still on for San Iker. Who knows anymore.)