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Results From The Section 8 AGM Elections

A new board, a new bylaw, and some tough challenges

MLS: Eastern Conference Knockout Round-New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Section 8 Chicago held their Annual General Meeting yesterday at Schubas Tavern on Chicago’s North Side. In addition to serving as an opportunity for the Chicago Fire supporters’ community to touch base and reaffirm their commitment to the team and each other, the AGM is also an occasion to conduct important business. Namely, the election of a new Board of Directors.

All but two positions went uncontested. This includes the ISA Chair position, for which Dan Giroux succeeded outgoing president Scott Greene. The two contested positions were for Director of Marketing (in which Lauren Morris def. Kimberlee Wawak) and Director of Fundraising (in which Nate Cubeta def. Maud Squiers).

Here is the new S8C ISA Board of Directors for 2018:

Chair: Dan Giroux (Whiskey Brothers ‘05)

Vice Chair: Nicole Hack (Independent)

Director of Operations: Oliver Kolb (Ultras Red Side)

Director of Finance: Ryan Movahed (Independent)

Director of Communications: Jake Payne (Logan’s Squares)

Director of Events: Sean Callaghan (Independent)

Director of Marketing: Lauren Morris (Independent)

Director of Fundraising: Nate Cubeta (Logan’s Squares)

The new board will face a number of challenges this year, including resolving the ISA’s tax-exempt status and finding new ways to reach out to the Fire supporters’ community.

Also on the agenda for Saturday: a proposed new bylaw creating an October 8th Committee, tasked primarily with organizing major anniversary parties for the club. The motion passed.